About embroidery

We use a professional, 15-needle RICOMA RCM embroidery machine, which can operate on a 350 x 500 mm area.

Machine embroidery

A figure or pattern must be digitized using embroidery software before the machine can use it. After this, the embroidery machine stitches the figure on the fabric.


Embroidery is a stylish and lasting way to create unque products. Embroidery can be applied on materials that can not be printed, such as towels, jackets, hats and caps.

Embroidery will not wear off when washed, and can be safely ironed.


Custom embroidery input must be a vector graphic in PDF, -EPS, -SVG or –AI formats. If you are unsure, you can send the figure to us to check. We can modify your figure to be suitable for emroidery for a surchage.

Our embroidery software includes dozens of fonts and new ones can be uploaded. For text embroidery, please let us know which font you would like to use.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I'm interested in embroidery for a piece of clothing, how much is it?


A: The starting fee is always the same, regardless of the number of items embroidered. Starting fee, that is processing the logo or image for use in the embroidery equipment costs €35-50.  A sample embroidery will be created from the processed image which the customer can request to review.  The cost of embroidery per item ranges from €8,50-13,50 depending on the number of stitches needed for the image.  Embroidering initials or a name using a      standard font costs €15 per item, no starting fee required.


Q: I'd like to have customized shirts for my company. Do I need to bring in my own shirts, or can you provide them?


A: We're able to provide you with a selection of apparel from Pure Waste, Stanley/Stella and Neutral.